First Graphene - Aluketiya

Aluketiya is located in Meegahatenna within the Walallawita District, approximately 85km from Colombo. Meegahatenna is considered to be one of the richest graphite-bearing areas in Sri Lanka, with the graphite veins potentially extending over large distances.

Aluketiya produced high-grade graphite for several decades until the operation was stopped in the 1960s. Extensive veins of high-grade graphite are visible from surface but the area has not been subjected to any modern exploration techniques.

Previous drilling at the project had included six diamond holes at locations shown in the attached diagram. The core from this drilling was analysed and grades as high as 99.3% TGC were achieved. FGR has completed construction of two shafts at Aluketiya and is producing graphite ore. 


aluketiya project area


201705 Work at Aluketiya Shaft H

Work at Aluketiya Shaft H


201705 Shaft J caisson extends 23m

Shaft J caisson extends 23m